Events & documentation

Within Circles4EU two conferences will be held to provide information on the project, to disseminate current research findings on COSA, to build a European Circles network and to share best practices on COSA implementation.

In addition, the project is initiated on national and a European level with Kick-off meetings.

    Date     Topic     Country
    8th April 2013     Circles4EU Project Kick-off meeting     Den Bosch, the Netherlands
    30th July 2013     National Kick-off meeting Latvia     Riga, Latvia
    18th September 2013     National Kick-off meeting Catalonia     Barcelona, Spain
    28th October  2013     1st European Circles Conference     Den Bosch, the Netherlands
    10th-11th April 2014     2nd Study and Accountability Seminar     Riga, Latvia
    23rd-24th October 2014     3rd Study and Accountability Seminar     Barcelona, Spain
    20th-21st November 2014     1st International COSA Conference     Barcelona, Spain
 September 2016     European COSA meeting      Munster, Germany

The presentations of all conferences can be found at this website.

In France, the Circles4EU project was also presented at the conference L´enfant interdit, comment la pédophilie est devenue scandaleuse, on 24th april 2014 in Toulouse. Click here to download the presentation (in French).