Code of governance

In order to ensure a proper and robust accountability for a pan-Europe programme of the European Circles Network and to be able to reassure as many Circle service members, and potential funders, throughout Europe as possible that proper safe-guards, through a balanced ‘constitution’ are in place a Code of Governance was established.

This Code describes, among other topics:

  • how the network will function
  • who its members are 
  • how it is decided who the (rotating) chair will be
  • how organisations  become or cease to be member
  • the frequency and purpose of meetings/ communication 
  • the allocation of ‘lead responsibilities’ for research, model developments, training development, compliance with programme integrity (model adherence) and European awareness-raising / political support.

The Code of Governance was prepared by reaserchers Birgit Völlm and Sue Brown from the University of Nottingham.

In a first stage they created a discussion document, which prompted feedback and two teleconference discussion groups. Findings were then presented in a workshop at the Circles4EU Kick-Off Meeting held in April 2013, enabling a face to face discussion amongst partners. A draft Code of Governance was then drawn up.

This Code was then presented at the Circles4EU First European Conference, initiating a second face to face discussion amongst partners.

This final draft was drawn up with the inclusion of items about which there was broad agreement amongst partners. The Governance Code will be in place throughout the term of the two-year project; at the end of the project the Governance Code may be refined based on learning and feedback from partners.

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