Circles4EU Network

One of the major concerns of the project that preceded Circles4EU, the project ‘Circles Europe: Together for Safety’ (JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1165) has been to support and keep on track with different national initiatives, in order not to lose control on the quality of the Circles concept and the ensuing success of the method. Via European standard setting, Circles has the potential to become a truly Euro-wide practice. In order to seize this opportunity, close cooperation between the countries which have implemented Circles and those which are to implement it, is necessary, in which quality standards need to be established and controlled.

Therefore, one of the aims of Circles4EU is to establish a European Circles Network that is able to act as a centre for support to new Circles initiatives. In addition, it is to act as a unifying force to attract and commit new European Circle initiatives to unify values, standards and processes on shared principles of competence, practice and quality control.

For this reason, the existing organizations working on Circles support, training and quality management establish a Circles4EU Network for further dissemination of Circles, safeguarding high model fidelity. After having done the necessary ground work in their jurisdictions, interested parties will be able to join the network, commit themselves to basic standards, and acquire access to expertise and support.

Initially the network will consist of all partners of the ‘Circles Europe: Together for Safety’ project. Following the Circles4EU project, the project partners from Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia, France, Ireland and Hungary will become Circles4EU Network members too. As such they will support further implementation of Circles in surrounding countries. Within the Circles4EU Network, two groups are active: a program group and a research group.