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Sexual offending is hurting victims, communities and – in the end- offenders too. Most sex –offenders who have been sentenced for their crimes will return to the community sooner or later. The return of sex offenders often causes anxiety and fear in the community and often they are isolated and ostracised. The result is: increased risk and less successful community re-entry, and loss of potential community members.

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) for some time now has been an effective answer to this problem. In  Circles, a group of volunteers from the local community support and supervise a sentenced sex offender on the return to community (the core member). They are themselves supported and supervised by professionals who are involved in the sex offenders’ aftercare arrangements. Together, core member, volunteers and professionals build strong alliances, that help prevent relapse and recidivism, and offer the offender a realistic chance to become a responsible member of the community.  Rigorous international evaluations show that the risk of re-arrests for sexual offending are reduced by up to 88% when the offender has been in a circle. Also, general recidivism is reduced by up to 57% (Duwe, 2018).

While most CoSA projects are small and swimming against the tide, the number of Circle Projects in Europe is growing steadily. International cooperation has been an invaluable motor of development and quality assurance for new and established CoSA initiatives. To support CoSA projects throughout Europe and to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and good practices in Europe and beyond, a European Association for providers of Circles of Support and Accountability and their supporters has been set up. 


The Association for European Providers of Circles of Support and

Accountability and their supporters!

The official launch of CirclesEurope will be at the CEP Reframing Sexual Abuse, Practical Directions Conference in Riga, Latvia, on 22nd and 23rd November 2018.  Membership will be open after the launch.  New events in 2019 and our website are under development.

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